Online apps for Android Apple Windows on phone tablet & laptop

Search Console Google online app

Search Console is with the eyes of Google search engine viewing your website pages, so you can see what the search engine has problems with and help solve it.
Do you want to be found by Google

Wix Simple online website editor

Together with the online website, Wix also offers you free hosting of your site with your own domain name so that you can also be found on the internet.

Phone tablet & laptop

An online application is made available by the official software & app distributor via their website and does not come from the well-known stores. They run completely standalone in the browser of a system with no operating platform limitation. No installation of different applications on desktop, laptop, tablet of telefoon but just a bookmark in your browser.

all devices

Docs Google Free online office package

Google Docs office suite is completely online with full management from your browser, so it can be used anywhere on any device without installation.

Android Apple Windows

With the online web versions of the various apps offered, the operating system is unimportant so Android Apple or Windows it works on all of them. Because the system has no influence, these applications work on any device such as telephone, tablet, laptop and deskstop that has an internet browser. The apps always work online in a web browser and therefore always need an internet connection to function.

all systems

Box app

Box Cloud is always accessible wherever you have internet access, on any device with a internet browser, be it phone, tablet or computer.

Gmail Google app

Gmail Google
With a Gmail account you have a digital key for acces the Google workspace mail, calendar, drive, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos and more.



Efficient online applications to adjust photo or print. Image editing with the right application can help you achieve the desired result


Online web applications are most suitable for communicating on various devices with different target groups, including management of activity and contacts.


A solution can be found online for every problem, and there is almost always a rescue or alternative available for a software complication.


Online software that allows anyone to work with music and introduce them to the musical production process in a simple, creative way.


With online storage you can be sure that your digital data is safe and available at any location, even after loss or change of device.


You shouldn't keep doing something that doesn't work and don't work harder if smarter is the outcome. If an application works well for you, continue with this.


With accounts from Google, Microsoft and passwords, it is best to use 2-step verification as extra protection against unauthorized use of the account.


Online free images generators for various like favicons, buttons, seo tools, meta tags, image optimizers, page optimizers code in html, php, css, etc...
Because the system has no influence, these online applications work on any device such as phone, tablet, laptop or deskstop directly from your browser