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Box Cloud is always accessible wherever you have internet access, on any device with a internet browser, be it phone, tablet or computer.
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What is Box Cloud storage ?

With a personal Box account you have 10GB free storage space in the cloud for all your files. It makes your work easier because you can work safely with everyone on every device at any location. Box can be used through your favorite browser on every computer, tablet or telephone and at any place where you have internet access. With the browser you can safely save, manage and share files in the cloud perfectly. The design of Box Online is pleasant to work with and not confusing like some other cloud storage providers.

Sharing files simply

You can share the uploaded files and folders with others, even when the other user does not have a Box account, by simply sending a link with a mouse click. You can indicate whether the shared items can only be viewed or may also be downloaded. The receiver of a shared folder can download the entire folder at once as a compressed zip file. Warnings can be set to attentive via email when someone has a file or folder of the box items you shared. Shared files cannot be protected with a password with the free personal account.

Other possibilities

There are integration options for documents or spreadsheets from Google Workspace and Microsoft Office. Note or notes can be entered next to files. Possibilities to send files from your Box account to other applications or clouds. Activities are displayed in an activity log to keep an overview of your storage consumption. Settings that are not available in the free account are clearly marked, so that you know what is not possible or possible. Pay attention upload files cannot be larger than 250 MB.

Cloud always safe

Never search for files or shoot photos, even if, for example, your laptop is stolen whether you lose your smartphone. Switch safely and easily when working in a file on your laptop, working on your tablet or changing work to home.

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