Digital security starts with You make sure you are prepared


What is digital security ?

Cyber criminals try a variety of ways to get into your devices and they don't make it through the front door. Criminals can install malicious applications on computer, tablet or phone through attachments and links in emails, apps, sms or websites. Digital security starts with you, so make sure you are prepared for what can come or happen.

Secure devices

A login code, fingerprint or other method to secure your device is certainly not superfluous. Keep your device up to date with regular updates for the operating system, modem/router and virus scanner. Always keep the antivirus software active. Make a backup of what you hold dear and it is best to do this in a cloud storage or on an external medium that you disconnect from your computer.

Safe online

Use strong passwords for your online accounts, a good password manager can certainly help here. For the main accounts such as Google or Microsoft and your password manager, it is best to use two-step verification of course it is also possible for others. Through the latter you will be notified by text message or email when someone logs in with your account on a device that does not belong to your own device group and you can immediately block it. Never give out your personal information by e-mail or on unsafe websites such as login details, password codes or other private information.

Internet safe

Avoid clicking links in emails, chat programs or social networks unless you are sure you know the sender or it is a trusted safe website. When surfing, keep an eye on whether there is a closed lock and https in front of the internet address then you have a secure connection, this is especially important when paying. Everything you write or post online stays online, so never put personal information online such as your address, telephone numbers, the less info the better.

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With accounts from Google, Microsoft and passwords, it is best to use 2-step verification as extra protection against unauthorized use of the account.