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Who is Freeonline ?

Freeonline that's me Frank an old Belgian born in 1958 Antwerp region. Freeonline has been active since 2005 and has functioned successfully until the spring of 2014, when unfortunately the website had to be taken offline.

A new start

Freeonline keeps the same basis and continues to offer free software but now with only online software. Advantage of an online application, You do not need to download or set up anything, just a few mouse clicks to start from your browser. Another big advantage is that the online apps or applications work on all your devices Android, Apple, Windows and desktop, laptop, tablet and telephone. 

Hope gives life

We hope to see you regularly to check out the new online apps.

greetings, Frank from Freeonline

Always at your service

Freeonline is always ready to answer all your questions regarding the offered online applications. An attempt is made to present the possibilities of the offered app by means of a short description. If this information is not correct or if you have any comments, you can pass on the correct information to Freeonline via this contact form. Does an application no longer work or is the link no longer active? You can always use this form to report it.

Not the author

You should of course bear in mind that these apps are not owned by us and we only refer you to the online offerings of third parties.We are not responsible for these online applications and cannot manipulate or modify them.

Good luck

Freeonline wishes you good luck in finding what you are looking for and thank you for visiting our site.


Contact page Freeonline always ready to serve you

Always ready to answer questions regarding offered online applications, so if you have a comment, link not active or incorrect information, please let us know.