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Search Console is with the eyes of Google search engine viewing your website pages, so you can see what the search engine has problems with and help solve it.
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Google Search Console

The main purpose of the webmaster tool is to help you. If you have a website, the free Google Search Console is an indispensable tool to keep your site in optimal condition. Search Console shows what information about your website is available from the market leader among search engines and how information is seen by the Googlebot. It is important to study and follow up on this information in the interest of ranking for your site at Google.

Google eyes

By viewing your website pages with the eyes of Google search engine, you can see what the search engine has problems with and whether structural errors have been detected. The purpose of this is that you gain more insight into how your website works, the improvements you can make and how to tackle the errors. For example, the Google crawlers tell you how often they visit your website and which pages they have viewed. You will find information about keywords, backlinks, popularity of your content and you can see how users end up on your website.


To quickly include your website in the google index, it is best to add a sitemap to your website and register it at the sitemaps tab in the Search Console. In this way, Google also sees when new information is placed on your website and it will be included in the search results faster.

Available info

In the overview page of Google you will find the following items performance, coverage, functionality, optimizations and links. Under performance you see the total number of clicks from online searches and you can also create a full report with the time span you have set. In this generated performance report you can find out with which search query visitors landed on which page, how many times, which ranking you had in the google search engine, from which country and which device the visitor was using. Under the Coverage tab you can view how many and which pages contain errors, warnings, which valid pages are indexed or which are excluded. Under functionality you can see which pages in your domain may have problems with usability on a mobile device. Optimizations indicate where you should make improvements in case of problems, for example with review fragments, breadcrumbs, etc … With the links section you will find which external websites link to your website, how many there are, to which pages and with what text. But internal links are also indicated and this in number and to which content.

What do you need ?

Of course a Google account and a website that is online. After your registration you have to verify that the website is yours and then you can get started right away. If your website has been online for some time, you will have immediate results.A new website must first be indexed without a sitemap, this can take a few days before the first results are available.

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