Randomizer makes it easy to quickly select a set of numbers.


You wish to play euromillions but cannot find the right numbers. Randomizer helps you to find a set of numbers and maybe the winning numbers.
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What is Randomizer

Randomizer is a free tool for anyone who needs a quick way to generate random numbers whether in sets or sorted.

Target Randomizer

Generate a series of numbers with a computer algorithm that meets your requirements and settings. Filling out a website form makes it easy to generate random sets and adapt them to your needs. All Randomizer needs is your input and a standard web browser connected to the internet.

Series of numbers

In some cases, you may want to generate more than one set of numbers at a time. If this applies to you, simply enter the desired number of sets, Randomizer will display the number of numbers and sets chosen in the result.

How many numbers per set

Specify how many numbers you want Randomizer to produce in each set.

Each number unique

If you select "Yes", it means that a certain number appears only once in a set. Note that numbers only remain unique within a single set, not across multiple sets. Selecting "No" means numbers can repeat within one set.

Sort created numbers

Sorting your numbers in the number sets can be useful and is available but not always necessary.

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Randomizer Generate numbers quickly
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