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Optimizilla app online combines the best optimization and compression to reduce the picture properties while preserving the quality of the picture.
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Online app Optimizilla compression

Optimizilla app is online optimization and compression for images with extensions jpeg & png. The online optimization and compression will give you a reduced illustration as a result, while preserving the quality.

Fast up & download

Upload your files to be optimized from your computer or drag and drop them to the predestined window there is a batch upload of 20 images. The Optimizilla app online optimization starts immediately after uploading and is lightning fast. You can then immediately download your compressed files back.

Adjust compression format online

After processing by the online image optimizer, you can process each compression delivered separately to obtain a desired level.Click on the thumbs of the finished images, then you can adjust the compression format separately for each image with a slider, while keeping an eye on the quality level.

Optimizilla app image file 40% smaller

The optimized images are of good quality and there is no noticeable difference visually, but the file size is on average about 40% smaller. Each file name remains original and is added with three letters “min”.

Zip file or separately

You can download the finished images in one go all in a zip file, but each illustration or photo separately is also possible. The data uploaded online will be removed from the website data after 1 hour.

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Optimizilla Online image optimizer
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