OneDrive app online is a personal storage for photos or files

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OneDrive app via the web interface and directly in the browser, your personal storage is always accessible on all devices that are connected to the internet.
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Personal data warehouse

OneDrive app online is a personal repository for photos or files that you can access anywhere and from any device. You can use this online data depot as if it were present on your device.

Online web interface

Onedrive apphas apps for installation on various platforms and devices. But online it is always accessible through the web interface directly in the browser. Via this route, your personal storage is always available on all devices that are connected to the internet.

Free online version

The storage space of the free edition is standard 5 GB and only one OneDrive app online storage location can be created per user account.

Online safe

Each OneDrive is provided with an extra secure folder that is also available everywhere. With the free version, this safe is limited to storing max 3 files. Opening your personal data vault requires a two-step verification via sms or Microsoft Authenticator.

Share and collaborate online

Easily share photos with friends and family or collaborate seamlessly in real time on spreadsheets, presentations or documents.

Backup and protection

Everything in your OneDrive app folders is safe and protected against loss if something happens to your device. You can protect all your important data by making backups to the online OneDrive repository.

Microsoft online account

To gain access to Onedrive app online personal cloud storage, you must register for free. This automatically provides you with additional Microsoft online services.

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