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Google Docs office suite is completely online with full management from your browser, so it can be used anywhere on any device without installation.
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What is Google Docs ?

Free Google docs includes four separate main applications, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and forms but there is more. These docs elements offer you a fully-fledged online office package that can function and run completely in the browser. All components have the standard functions, structure or operation that you are used to from other similar desktop applications. All you need is a free Gmail account that gives you full access to all these features and of course an internet connection.

Secure Storage

All created and edited docs are safely stored online in your Google Drive. This cloud storage is available for free together with your Gmail account. At the start you can choose from the standard templates for each docs part. After your choice of a docs document it is best to first give the file a name.Then you don't have to worry anymore, it is automatically saved after every change or when closing the item. It is best to immediately create folders to accommodate your document in order to keep everything orderly. If you have multiple Gmail accounts, you must always log in with the same account to find your created docs.

Anywhere, anytime

Because the Google Docs package is completely online and can also be operated or managed from there, it can be used anywhere and on any device without installation. Many file formats are supported and you can open and edit these files from, for example, Microsoft Office. After opening and editing it is possible to save the document back in the original file format or the Google docs format. 

Real-time sharing

It is possible to easily share documents and collaborate on them with several people with all changes in real time for all participants.Google docs keeps a version history of every created document sorted by date or changes and you have the option to easily check for previous versions of the same document.

Only time

If you wish to use or try the Google Docs office suite it will cost you nothing, other than just some of your precious time. Google Docs is a good, solid package with the great advantage that you always and everywhere have your documents available for free, for example at home, work or on the road. Any device is also suitable for editing, presenting or whatever your documents, as long as the device has a browser with an internet connection.

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