Ezyzip app a tool that handles local zip archive online


Ezyzip online application can handle large file archives because the online tool handles locally and making it faster than other similar compression material.
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Ezyzip app online

This free Ezyzipper is supported by all modern and popular browsers on any device.

Zip archives

Zip and unzip is a technique to zip or extract files and folders from an archive by unzipping the zip archive. There is the option to simultaneously compress or decompress without loss of quality.

Universal extension

Ezyzip app uses the zip extension by default because it is the most commonly used archive format for storing a collection of files and folders in one compressed file. Zip is universal and can be used for sharing, e-mailing or archiving.

Zip and unzip online

Ezyzip app online supports compression and decompression allowing it to decompress many different archive formats such as zip, zipx, rar, tar, 7z and more.

Privacy without upload

Unlike other online zip unzip utilities, Ezyzip does not require you to upload files to the online server, which benefits privacy.

Online no limit and fast

You can also pack and unpack large file archives here because Ezyzip processes tools locally on the computer.Due to the local processing, it is also faster than other comparable online material.

Manipulating zip files

Ezyzip app also has the ability to convert to and from over 100 different archive extensions

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