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Alphabetizer is a powerful comprehensive list sorting tool and it is not just sorting alphabetically but much more than that.
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What is Alphabetizer ?

Alphabetizer can help you sort any list of text online using your computer, tablet or phone. It's a powerful comprehensive list sorting tool and it's not just sorting alphabetically.

Lots of extra options

When you have entered or copied data, you can put your list in alphabetical order, remove html, change words or phrases to uppercase or lowercase. You can also reverse the alphabetical list, ignore capital letters, sort names, sort by last name, add numbers, letters or roman numerals. 

But there's more

Include a list randomizer that arranges the list items in random order. Custom text at the beginning of each item in your list for unsorted or sorted ranges. Add a separator to be placed between the number or letter and your line of text. Removing duplicates removes duplicate lines from your list. Sometimes you want to ignore a word or words at the beginning of a line when alphabetizing, this option allows you to ignore the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th word at the beginning of each line. You can also ignore definite articles or indefinite articles such as "a, an, some, any" in a list

Simple online environment

Despite the many options, everything is organized and organized so that everyone can use it. The use of this online tool is free so you can test and try to your heart's content. You can simply download, print, save to a URL or copy your edited lists to the pasteboard.

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